Day +49 | Stem Cell Transplant

Day +49

So he has a mild form of GVHD. (See earlier post for pics)

I want to share how amazing our doctor is, Dr Alice who’s in Germany at the moment for work. I text her pictures as soon as I took his shirt off and saw it. As I’m dialing the Stanford Children’s operator, she already had a plan in action and had the NP calling me to come in before the operator even answered. As a panicked mom, that meant the world. She’s in Germany, y’all!

It’s truly unbelievable the team of docs Kruz has. Three doctors all agreed today it’s a mild GVHD and steroid cream 3x a day for treatment.

We still haven’t heard from Paizlee’s labs today but I do know some take a bit to come back.

Thank you for staying so close and being a huge part in my children’s life.

Jessica Davenport