Day +52 | Stem Cell Transplant

Day +52

GVHD rash isn’t much better BUT it isn’t WORSE 🙌

His chimerism came back, we are still 100% my (Donor) cells 🙌🙌

So, the cells causing the problem is probably my genetically modified BPX cells Kruz got a couple days before discharge. These were to give him an immunity boost & we’re technically only +25 days post BPX cells so they explained its normal. Our doctor said today if the steroid doesn’t work, she has the magic drug ready. That relieved mine and Kyle’s minds. But the good news is we got chimerism back today and were still 100% donor cells.

Keep praying, between 48-72 hrs on steroid we will see a change!!!

For the most part he’s in good spirts, a little itchy at times but he’s resting well 💙

Thank you, all!!

Oh and Jill Lindsey Joner is here! Never been so excited to see her 😅

Jessica Davenport