Day +56 | Stem Cell Transplant

Day +56

He’s looking GREAT
He’s feeling GREAT 
His labs are GREAT

GVHD is pretty much GONE. 🙌

Lymphocytes (t cells) are low from steroids but our doctor said that it’s expected and will come up.

WBC 7.2
Platelets 131
ANC 6.11 
His potassium & phos was actually low. So cheese will help 🤷🏼‍♀️

This week is a pretty easy week. (Thankful for help) Just the usual (I say that like it’s no big deal.... 🤣I literally never sit down, ask Jill) There is always something to make, prepare, dressings to change, something to clean, sanitize, hook up, start or order and then start again. Tomorrow is a home visit from dialysis nurse, back to hospital on Thursday for his shot & see his doctor & Kyle comes back Friday.

He’s ate pizza for lunch and dinner today 🤣

Paizlee had labs today for kidney team. Plan for her is coming in near future.

We’re so thankful for good days 💙

Jessica Davenport