Day +57 | Stem Cell Transplant

Day +57

He’s told lots of jokes today. I’ll have to do a live video with him soon so he can share his jokes with you.

He’s had California Pizza Kitchen everyday since Monday, sometimes for lunch AND dinner 😂. He doesn’t eat much at the most maybe two pieces of a kids pizza but still it makes his heart happy to have it, see it, and smell it.

We go back tomorrow to the hospital for his shot and to see his doctor for a skin check on GVHD. I did have to pick up an emergency blood pressure med today just Incase. His BP has been high on steroids so just precautions/preventions for strokes. We also changed our his BP patch early and will change it every four days now. (Strokes are a risk with SIOD, I truly love how Stanford is so particular and observant about every detail.)

We’re working on getting physical therapy done in the hospital soon. Which is great he will be working with the same ladies that helped him in the hospital.

🌸Working on getting our princess scheduled for her bone marrow biopsy possibly next week.🌸

We’re grateful, thankful, and blessed.

Jessica Davenport