Day +72 | Stem Cell Transplant

Day +72

Lots going on with dialysis these past two days. Kyle Davenport is better at dialysis than I am. They have to walk me though step by step with any changes in the program but he can listen one time and understand.

5 bags, two different strengths, a manifold, and changes to the program - we now have tonight’s dialysis ready to go.

Kruz had to hook up by 4pm today (since he’s on 12 hours) for his PET test tomorrow. It’s a 4 hour test in clinic. It’s used to find out whether waste toxins pass quickly or slowly from the person's bloodstream and into the dialysis fluid. They will take samples of PD fluid and blood at set times.

Who knew so much involved kidneys? 🙃

Praying for the plan on the kidney. 
That’s been on my heart a lot lately. 
Thankful for such a resilient child who rolls with the punches, never complains and just does what he’s asked. 🙏

Praying for Gods plan with Paizlee’s kidneys. Praying we have one off dialysis before the other starts dialysis.

Jessica Davenport