Day +74-76 | Stem Cell Transplant

Day +74

Kruz: “how is the Easter bunny gonna find us?”

Me: he probably got our new address off the internet...

Kruz: “silly, the Easter bunny don’t have an iPad or anything...”

Me: 🤷🏼‍♀️😆

On another note: make sure you post a picture of you in your forget the frock shirt tomorrow and use #kruznforakure. We can’t wait to see pictures.

Sunday’s comin’ ✝️

Day +75

I watch my kids relentlessly fight everyday for a better quality of life...

Kruz won’t give up..
Paizlee won’t stay down...
and as parents, that drives us to fight harder.

It’s our first Easter without our family, but we know being 2,200 miles away will allow us many, many more years to celebrate Easter with Kruz and Paizlee.🌷✝️🙏🙌🐇

Way to go baby boy 😭👏


Day +76

It was a good day. 
Labs-clinic visit- PT- and he even got loves from his favorite, Dr. Alice.

Hopefully we won’t have any insurance trouble with Physical Therapy and will be able to do this every Monday after his labs & clinic visit.

WBC 2.6 ⬇️
Hemoglobin 11.3 (down but holding)⬇️
Platelets 94 ⬆️
ANC 1.76 ⬇️
Lymphocytes 0.42 (420)- these are a count of both T cells and B cells. We’re waiting for T cell engraftment which IS happening, just takes some time. 100% donor (mine) lymphocytes. Which is great. The T cell deficiency in SIOD is what we’re curing with the stem cell transplant he had, it just takes time for the T cells to engraft and produce...

I asked why his counts have dropped (WBC & ANC) they reminded me the cause is steroids lowers immune system and now that we are tapering off, counts will come down. Then level out. And reinforced there is nothing to worry about ❤️

Phos, potassium, all chemistry is okay.

Friday the 26th our stem cell team will meet with kidney team to discuss Kruz’s kidney transplant further and talk about Paizlee.

Lots of science I just threw on ya, but let’s give Kruz-man a round of applause for how hard he worked in PT 👏👏👏👏👏

We’re SO SO proud of him!!

Jessica Davenport