Day +86 | Stem Cell Transplant

Day +86

I don’t even know what the actual date is most days or even what month we’re in at times but I always know how many post transplant days we are.

Kruz’s BP has come down a ton. Even low actually. We’re coming down on his patch & holding bp meds depending on what it reads pre and post dialysis.

Kruz got his monthly pentamidine (breathing treatment) today. To prevent pneumonia type infections.

He got his weekly shot to help produce red blood cells. We will talk about coming down on that as his marrow continues to make new RBC’s from my donor cells.

He ate from the hospital cafeteria with us for the first time today. The sweet people made him fresh (not sitting under heat lamp) curly fries and chicken fingers.

A funny:

Me: “Kruz what pic do you want me to take for your post today?”

Kruz: “uhh I don’t know but I’m kinda busy right now doe”

🤣🤣 so this is today’s 🤷🏼‍♀️

Jessica Davenport