Day +88 | Stem Cell Transplant

Day +88

We always share medical updates but it’s important to share our day to day...

For Kyle, most of the days have went slow.
For me, most of the days have went fast.

Some days we both vividly remember, some days we don’t remember at all.

We stay in our room majority of the time unless during the week we’re at the hospital, but there is always something to do, something to clean, sheets to wash, meds to give and then night time routine- dressing changes, baths, and meds again... and finding food for the kids is a task in itself.

The weekends are the hardest. 
What to do? We want to get them out of four walls, but we have to avoid crowds, which isn’t easy in Palo Alto. We’ve explored every way for “fun” around here but it either involves crowds, inside, or sun- with our upcoming transplants- just doesn’t sit well- so we go to our happy place.

& we always ask Kruz & Paizlee... 
they always say the same... 
“let’s go for a ride”.

Who knew how peaceful and fulfilling a car ride would be with two toddlers?

We stop to look at the ocean, mountains and light houses. It’s never crowded. And the kids never once complain about not being able to get out of the car and explore, there simply happy to look at the ocean, hear the waves & leave RMH.

Kruz, who’s covered in sunscreen, has a window shield and blanket up to block the sun... he searches for big whales, great white sharks and sea lions from his car seat.

I think our weekend trips up and down the “slow coast” will be beauty we remember from our journey here. 🏞

This is the parts I love about California.

Jessica Davenport