Day +90 | Stem Cell Transplant

Day +90

10 days away!!

Counts are good. 
WBC are low (2.3) but normal tapering from steroids. Went down on steroids more today, should be able to stop completely soon.

He’s getting chest X-ray for this cough he’s had. It started when we had to turn on the AC. Lungs sound clear, just for precautions.

This is Dr. Alice (holding Kruz) and her nurse practitioner, Karen. Paizlee LOVES Karen. I mean leaps in her arms. Kruz of course thinks Dr. Alice hung the moon and she pretty much did. She’s the reason Kruz has a brand new life inside his little body. She’s giving Paizlee the same soon.

These two make my children feel comfortable in the hospital and bring them happiness. Monday is still their favorite day of the week, because they see them. 
We’re so blessed.

Jessica Davenport