Day +93 | Stem Cell Transplant


Day +93

From Kyle Davenport who rocked the appts today...


Kruz has to have an echo to make sure everything is good to go with kidney transplant. They will give a lot of fluids and they want to make sure his heart is healthy enough to be in fluid overload.

The date is not set yet but the kidney team meets on Thursday and then they will meet with stem cell team on Friday to set a date.

Pending another blood test to make sure Kruz is 100% the same as Jessica they won’t do any anti rejection meds only steroids for about a month after transplant.

When they put the kidney in if it passes a good amount of fluid on the table they will take the PD port out when they place the kidney. They will leave his central line in for about a week after the transplant and if all is good he will get that out also.

Physical therapy will be our biggest task until then. They want him strong.

Paizlee has to start her work up. They have to check her heart and her anatomy to make sure my kidney will fit after stem cell transplant. The kidney team gave us the go ahead to proceed with stem cell transplant first and said the drugs shouldn’t make her kidneys fail. Although after a big procedure like a stem cell transplant there is a risk of blood clots in her kidneys if they continue to spill protein so they want to place a PD port at some point after the stem cell transplant.

Jessica Davenport