Day +98 | Stem Cell Transplant

Day +98

Mountain climber 🏔 Mountain mover ⛰

His personal walker is ordered and should be here in a couple of days. Our main goal is building his strength to get ready for his kidney transplant.

Thursday the kidney team meets again discussing the case. This is “unmarked territory” even for Stanford, so every detail is taken into consideration.

Friday the kidney team meets with Dr. Lewis (SIOD researcher & immunologist) and Dr. Alice (our stem cell doctor)... we should know more of a time frame of the big day after that meeting.

I’m so proud of how hard he’s working.

Today when therapy got hard, he pushed harder. When the climb started to hurt, he dug deeper, while we cheered him on. 
He knows to get my kidney, he has to get stronger. His determination is such an inspiration.

Big week for my babies plans.

Jessica Davenport