Day +100 | Stem Cell Transplant

Day +100

Oh the picture I’ve been saving to share for this day...It’s a hard one to see.

It’s the picture I took when he was about twenty days post stem cell transplant and he was pitiful. So many ports, lines, and pain... he was having a really really hard time on Hemo Dialysis- it was painful to see.

I promised him that day he would be better. I told him it wouldn’t be like this forever, that he would overcome this.

He would ask me questions like “why do I hurt so bad?” “Please pray and ask God to take it away.” “Why do I have to do this?” “Why can’t I go home?”

I took this picture not because I wanted to remember him like this, but to remember that day we prayed for his pain to go away. The day I promised him we would overcome this. The day I knew we wouldn’t stay in that dark place, I knew God would provide.

And He did. I’m forever grateful.

It’s been one hundred days. 
A successful transplant. 
A miracle for an SIOD patient. 
There was a time we were told an SIOD patient would never make it through stem cell...

He now is engrafting extremely important T cells, that fight infection y’all!!! Something SIOD took away from him. For so long we thought he would live in a bubble forever. Because outside that bubble was too scary. Infection is the number one cause of death in SIOD, now he will be able to FIGHT infection just as my body can.

My heart can’t take it. 
I’m so thankful. 
It’s past the heartache you see in this picture...
One day soon because of this transplant and his strength getting through it, he’s going to get to go to school, birthday parties, even places like the grocery store... heck, FAMILY THANKSGIVING & CHRISTMAS - he will be able to LIVE. 😭

Because of Kruz, now they know how to proceed with Paizlee & all kids with SIOD.

Jessica Davenport