Day +3 | Paizlee Davenport Stem Cell Transplant

Day +3

We are so much better as far as respiratory.

She still seems to have fluid around her belly, her weight is 14.2 - still up so we know she still has fluid on her even if her face and arms look better.

We’re giving lasix and albumin again to pull fluid around her body into her vessels so she can pee it out. Who knew how much your kidneys did for your body?

At this point we would rather have dry lungs and a higher creatinine. We know her kidneys will fail, it’s a matter of when they do we want her safest and that’s without fluid on her and already engrafted with infection fighting cells.

For future SIOD children newly diagnosed, the treatment plan is stem cell transplant right away before the kidney disease starts. My children paved the treatment plan and endured so other children would have an easier time. There is praise in the pain, we were chosen- not punished.

Hopefully 4-7 more days until we see an increase in WBC’s and ANC. Claiming it 🙌 Paizlee said she wants to beat Kruz’s engraftment by a day. 😅 
(Kruz showed counts by day +8 and was engrafted by day +12 so it’s a fun & friendly sibling competition)

Kyle’s cells are at work. It’s INSANE to think they destroyed Paizlee’s cells, opened up her bone marrow, infused MILLIONS of stem cells into her after they manipulated the cells to take out all bad and now the cells are in her body finding a home in her marrow and will reproducing Kyle’s immune system with his good infection fighting cells into her body.

Lord, Thank you. As hard as it is to see your child suffer, we know their pain will help so many other children have an easier time.

Please continue to pray for her kidneys, fluid, and counts to come on!

P.s - so many have asked about Kruz! He’s GREAT! WBC 3.7, ANC over 2000, & he gets his catheter from kidney transplant out on the 22nd.

Jessica Davenport