Day -8 | Paizlee Davenport Stem Cell Transplant

Day -8

She had fludarabine (chemo) this morning at 5 am, did great with it. Yesterday was her first day to rATG and did great until the end, this drug breaks apart her lymphocytes causing inflammation. We had a fever most of the night and this morning, we’re giving Tylenol. She has a rash from the rATG. (The red on her face is a popsicle.) Kidney team is starting to talk about giving lasix, she’s 13.7kg this morning and her usual is 13.2kg. You can see she’s a little puffy.

Her hemoglobin has dropped to 7.7 from so many labs and level test, so she’s getting blood today.

She did rest good last night, so I rested good 💜 she even gave me a smile this morning.

Pray for a easy day for sis as she’s coming off of the rATG . She gets that drug again tomorrow.

Jessica Davenport