Day +36 | Paizlee Davenport Stem Cell Transplant

Day +36

Her mad face.

Paizlee is not all smiles all of the time, she’s actually quite angry and ready to go. She yells at everyone who enters. And there is not much we can do as far as discipline because she’s been in a confined room for 46 days, we would be the same way, honestly.

Shes tired of being in that room and she’s tired of hearing, maybe you can go home in a few days only to find out she has to stay- which was our fault giving her false expectations, but we have to do what we have to do—We have to make sure she’s safe.

Pray for our sanity with her, she’s a mix between a bob cat and Angelica off rug rats right now. 😂

We are doing the scope on Monday.

Pray for her tummy issues. We need a good weekend with no throwing up or diarrhea. We don’t believe it’s GVHD, we believe its formula related and the process of taking it slow like we had to do with Kruz. (For the first months after discharge, We had to give him 5 to 10 mls every 15-30 minutes of formula until we slowly worked him up to his feeding pump and he was able to keep it down- we may have to do that with Paizlee too.)

Our doctors just can’t send us home until we rule out GVHD.

Just pray for Monday’s scope...
Pray it’s not GVHD...
and pray for sanity as we try to get her happy again 😬🙏

Jessica Davenport