Day +37 | Paizlee Davenport Stem Cell Transplant

Day +37

She seems to be doing better with the new formula. We have the scope planned for this Monday to rule out GVHD.

She’s still rocking hemo dialysis and may get to have a skip day tomorrow.

We had a drop in counts today.
WBC- 2.5
ANC- 1.31

Dr. Alice is on this weekend at the hospital, she said she was not concerned about the drop in counts. She explained how the marrow at first releases all the cells making the counts high and then comes in waves. It will even out eventually, but we are still in the wave of her marrow.

Monocytes are great, these turn into neutrophils.

Also her myeloid chimerism was 88% so that is amazing.

We’re getting there. If everything is good from the scope, she may get to come to the RMH on Wednesday next week.

🐘🅰️ With all that said, Roll Tide! 🅰️🐘

Jessica Davenport