Day +40 | Paizlee Davenport Stem Cell Transplant

Day +40

Paizlee is doing better. Her mouth and throat was sore from the scope. We are waiting on results from biopsy tomorrow to rule out GVHD. (Graft vs host disease) They still plan on discharging tomorrow. The team really feels it is probably just inflammation in her digestive tract. The images don’t look like GVHD, but resting will confirm.

She started medications for her tummy ulcer.

Keep praying for the biopsy to come back normal. No sign of GVHD. 🙏

Sister is ready for her celebration party out of here. 💕

Edit to add: Everyone asks about discharge. This doesn’t mean we get to come home, we have to stay within 30 minutes of the hospital (RMH) at least 100 days post transplant. ❤️ we’re still in the thick of it and if you remember Kruz got gvhd 30 days after he recieved BPX Cell’s from the sunlight, so we are still in precautions and will watch her closely outpatient in clinic.

Jessica Davenport