Curing the Incurable

When we learned about Kruz & Paizlee’s diagnosis and finally got connected to Dr. Lewis, who worked on an immunology portion of SIOD research several years prior, I (impatiently) awaited his call.

It was late afternoon in Alabama, and the phone finally rang.

I ran to my bedroom to pace back and forth and talk in quiet. I had tough questions to ask.

Not about their fate, but research. To not only start research again but fund research completely.

At the time KFK had 172k in the bank ready to send. But how would I pitch our story enough for him to believe in us, take on this research without a full amount (millions) to get started?

I remember asking Dr. Lewis if he would take on SIOD research, I told him how much we had at the time, but I promised him we would continue to fund the research. Somehow he believed me and said yes. Still to this day, I don’t know how we will raise the remaining estimate of $4 million.

I can only imagine what he told his colleagues about the crazy woman from Alabama, but I know he cared enough to say yes. Now to see three years later and creeping up on $1.5 million and sending $30,000 a month raised through KFK. I’m forever grateful he said yes when he had every reason to tell me no. He still makes moves in research on faith because he knows we will continue to send the money. He knows you all are behind us. He is aware of our monthly donor program, and he hires postdocs and develops expensive experiments because he believes and trust we will continue to send the money his lab needs to keep going.

Dr. Lewis is a physician, scientist, and teacher at Stanford. Plus several other things- And he still works on SIOD. Dr. Lewis is helping me right this very moment send in our final application the $450k grant we have been working on since June.

We now have a plan for treatment for these children while the lab works every day to find a cure.

All because Dr. Lewis said yes, my children were able to ring this bell, get the transplants they desperately needed while a few buildings over, the postdocs we funded are working on a drug therapy directed by Dr. Lewis.

Lastly, because Dr. Lewis said yes, and that leads us to Dr. Alice who KFK recently funded to conduct SIOD stem cell research at the Center for Definitive and Curative Medicine is working on perfecting the stem cell transplant for SIOD children to come to Stanford.


Jessica Davenport