Day -1 | Stem Cell Transplant

Day -1 to transplant!!!!!!!!

I’m crying typing this..

Kruz is having a rough day. 
We’ve had a rough day as a family. 
Chemo is kicking in. 
His belly hurts.
He wants it to stop, he wants to feel better. 
He wants us to fix it. 
Dialysis is trying to pull fluid off him. 
He’s emotional.
I’m emotional
Kyle is emotional. 
Paizlee is asking about Kruz.

But Tomorrow is transplant. 
We’ve prayed for so long for this day. 
We know its going to get worse before it gets better. And the hard days are here.

Today’s radiation went well. 
But please PRAY PRAY PRAY we can get this fluid off from around his lungs with dialysis today. 

Pray for his pain. 

Pray for his sickness.

Pray for happiness to return.

We’re storming the gates for you my baby boy. Soon you will have a new life.

Kruz-man, you and Paizlee are so very loved. Momma and daddy & thousands of people are fighting with you.

Jessica Davenport