Day +6 | Stem Cell Transplant

Day +6

When you have the best sister and she lets you rub her silky tag.

(Kruz loves rubbing tags, It calms him)

The afternoon was better than morning.

Tomorrow Kruz will have Hemo Dialysis (HD) for 4 hours, run longer, pull slower, hold BP Med and see if it helps. His BP dropped into the 60’s during HD Today. It’s just extremely hard on him right now. 

Tomorrow will be better.

If not, the team is meeting to see next plan.
Options include going back to PD, moving to 3rd floor (instead of ICU) and doing peritoneal dialysis there.(What he’s been on since 2017) with this comes risks. Risks of infection but less pain for him. So they will decide.
Another option is ICU on 24 hr dialysis. Which no one really wants.

We will see how HD goes tomorrow. 

Pray it’s easier on him, his body handles it okay and this works. 
Pray he rest tonight.
Pray for cells.
Pray for those making decisions. Lots of teams, lots of doctors. 

He’s not only the first SIOD patient getting this stem cell transplant but he’s also the first SIOD plus DIALYSIS patient getting this stem cell, so for research, they are learning a lot with Kruz for future SIOD patients care.

We’re thankful he’s so much better this afternoon. We’re thankful, things can always be worse. Overall he’s good from a fever/culture stand point. His C diff (gut bacteria) seems to be better. His lungs sound clear. His muconsitis (digestive ulcers) seem to be better since he’s able to drink ice water now. 

We’re blessed. 
God is good.
Praise in the ⛈ storm.