Day +1 | Stem Cell Transplant

Day +1

Nothing like Dinosaurs to lift your spirits.

He’s getting Tylenol and even pain med if 
as needed. He’s fighting a cold & bacteria in gut all while he has ulcers half way down his chest so it hurts to even drink water, they said this would happen after chemo.

He’s still getting nutrition IV & feedings.
Dialysis is going good and keeping his fluid levels where we like them.

He’s getting another IVIG infusion (antibodies) tonight or in the morning hoping that knocks some of this out. Especially the bacteria in his gut.

We still wait. 
For my cells. 
They said it could be day +10 before we seen any change and three weeks before numbers come up. 
The next couple of days could be tough.

You can still smell the preserved cells on his breath. It’s weird lol

A funny: during transplant yesterday they warned us about the smell of the medication the use to preserve cells, would be terrible. He would actually taste it and it could make him sick. I mean I can’t even explain it. Like the smell 🤢 pickles, vinegar, mixed with chemicals- ANYWAYS like you just don’t forget it . So during transplant Kruz was upset obviously as they were going in and said my Superpowers 🦹‍♀️ were stinky 🤣 I told him I ate too many pickles and he was okay.

Happy +1 Birthday my baby boy!!!!

Jessica Davenport