Day +3 | Stem Cell Transplant

Day +3

Day +3.jpg

The afternoon was better than the morning. We’re so ready to be done with Hemo dialysys. It hurts. With diarrhea from C diff from antibiotic overload and some sickness from dialysis, there wasn’t much fluid to pull. He was in pain. Screaming and bucking an hour in. Kyle tried everything to calm him. They got through it.

But the afternoon as been better. We went to see him and it was time for tylenol when we left. We pray he gets rest tonight after his bath and dressing change.

We pray neutrophils start in the coming days. He can’t kick the cold (rhino virus) or C diff until he has an immune system to fight it off. The meds help some, but we need neutrophils. Pray nothing comes in his room, pray no progression with c diff or his cold, pray for his cough, pray for a hedge of protection. Pray for no fevers at all whatsoever. He’s a fighter & God’s got this.

His doctor text me today, she asked how he was, I explained the rough day. She said we should see action (rise in numbers) around day +10-12. We pray. This baby needs an immune system. Grow cells grow.

I try not to worry about what hasn’t happened yet. I know God is at work, I know he’s going to take care of my baby. I pray for things I KNOW he’s already taking care of and thanking him now for what he’s doing in Kruz’s life.

This journey isn’t easy, it’s a marathon not a race, but oh the day he gets fresh air. Sunshine. Outside. And in my arms without a gown or mask. It’s been along time since I’ve kissed his head without a mask in between us.

Kruz-man, your new life is coming, hang on and fight my angel baby. 💙