Day 0 | Stem Cell Transplant


Transplant went well. Only took around 15 minutes. Kruz, however, is hurting with belly pain.

He has a cold (rhino virus) with a cough and a bacterial infection in his gut, probably from all the antibiotics leading up. They think that’s where the pain is coming from vs chemo. Please pray my cells find a home quickly and start to engraft so we can get him relief. 
Pray for the infection in his gut. He’s started a particular antibiotic right before transplant to Target this bacteria.

My cells are IN. 
Now we wait and let them do their job. 
Kruz will eventually change from an A+ blood type to mine, O+.

This baby is so strong. There was a powerful prayer by daddy holding my cells before hooking it up. We sang victory in Jesus and you are my sunshine to calm him down during transplant. He just needs some relief but we’re thankful, it can always be worse.

The outpouring of love and prayers today has been overwhelming. We are so grateful.

Our prayer now is my cells completely take over his body. Bringing his smile back and his numbers sky high and this infection GONE!!

Jessica Davenport