Day -7 | Stem Cell Transplant

One week away.

Specific prayer. 
My collection went great & the counts were awesome- however my body produces a ton of alpha beta cells. Long story short, I produce a lot of B cells, they don’t need those with how small he is. They are making the product & going to try to filter those out as much as possible, but with his weight vs my high number collection, we need prayers the first product will work. Dr. Bertaina has mathematically calculated and prepared for second transplant with more CD34’s but there only so much she can give with his weight the first round and only so much they can medically filter preparing the product. It’s so much medical terms and calculations. Just pray for those working behind the scenes making the product & that they can filter out what we don’t need and numbers come back good.

We find out tomorrow evening how product #1 turned out. 🙏they are working on it now.

Update on Kruz: 
He’s super sensitive to sedation meds. His o2 drops and it’s important to keep him awake when things are happening. They are adjusting dosage. It wasn’t another emergency today but definitely concerning.

His getting ATG rabbit right now to prevent anti rejection. So far he’s okay & playing games. He has a dry cough, all prevention is taking place, Antibiotics, antivirals, antifungals. Even chest X-ray.

We can’t control anything. We just give it over to Him. His plan, his glory, his timing.


Jessica Davenport