Day -9 | Stem Cell Transplant

Day -9

DAY -9.jpg

Started Chemo today.

So we won’t make this super long. The chemo drug they give, has side effects. (They all do) We knew this. And we know with his disease and his little body it will be tough. Plus they started Benadryl IV, so with both when Kruz fell asleep he went unresponsive. They called code blue.

He’s fine now. And was fine shortly after the high volume air bag. He has someone outside his room monitoring him at all times. But It scared us all.

They are switching from IV Benadryl to gtube Benadryl to try to keep him more alert. They warned us he will have some high fevers.

He got everyone’s attention today. They realize how sensitive he is to meds & changes. 
Everyone has asked his chemo schedule. He gets chemo every day until transplant, Feb 5th with rest days on the 2nd & 3rd. It’s different types of chemo so maybe some are easier.

He’s a tough boy. He will have a rough week. This is a crucial time for his body this week. & we knew this wouldn’t be easy, but it’s necessary.

Pray this week for his breathing, his nausea, for fevers and for the medical team.

Jessica Davenport