Precommit for your KFK Car Tag

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Information regarding car tags: 
We know it’s confusing so we want to clarify! ❤️

Tags will not print (or go into production) until we have “sold” 1,000 through the pre-commit link.

You will keep your email as a receipt or you can print a receipt to take with you when it’s time to renew your tag.

You won’t be able to buy this at the courthouse when it’s time to renew your tag, you to have you pre-commit through this link so we can show we have 1,000 people ready and they will actually print and be available in the courthouse.

We’ve had 1,161 signed up on the waitlist on our website to know when the link is available.

And we’ve had 62 actually click link pre-commit for the tag.

I know there is confusion when it comes to this so I just want to make sure everyone knows you have to pre-commit by “buying” your taghere:

I have no doubt we can hit 1,000, sooner we hit, sooner they are printed.