David Yarber

It all started when…I have known Jessica since the day she was born. I knew her mother very well she grew up in a church that we attended. Basically, Jessica is a carbon copy of her mother and her mother was killed in a car accident when she was small and so she's had a tough she's had a tough go her entire life. Then, she of course meets Kyle, got married, and had the children you know thinking you had life by the tail. You know obviously you know everything's going great then all of a sudden you get that curveball that says hey guess what your children have, not one child but both, a fatal disease. You know it's a very rare form and you know it’s a genetic disease called S I O D. I'd never heard of it personally. I've read a lot since then and you know it's just basically not a lot of information out there about it but luckily you know there is a gentleman Dr. Lewis in Stanford that is has been researching this but as with anything else money is what makes the world go round. He carried the funding on as long as he could then he had to stop because there was just no money. There are just a few other children that had been diagnosed with this and they have come in to start fundraising efforts on their behalf but you know it just kind of I guess you know died out after a while. I guess they just felt like it was insurmountable because when you hear six million dollar price tag I mean that's just not something that your average layperson can comprehend raising. That type of money this is basically you know a mission field that I guess we have right here you know in our backyard you know looking at six million dollars. I think Jessica met with Dr. Lewis talked with him and he told her that you know we've got to raise this money of course I'm sure in the back of his mind he thought yes I'm I'm talking to someone who you know yeah they're gonna be fired up about it today and tomorrow maybe next week and next month but after that they're gonna see what a hard road this is to travel trying to raise this kind of money and you know it'll be like all the others. However, this girl is probably one of the most driven human beings I have ever seen in my life. Of course, she has the greatest incentive of anyone you know anything you know when you're fighting for your children's lives. Nothing's insurmountable and she believes she can do it. Kyle believes they can do it and we believe they can do.