Lacy Pace

My name is Lacy Pace from Wahiawa Hawaii, my 5 year old son Lincoln and I are KFK monthly donors! I was lucky to meet Jessica Davenport through our company, Jessica is a light in this world so of course I was drawn to her. We became close and of course it wasn't even a decision I had to make. KFK needed us, Kruz and Paizlee needed us, so without question I became a monthly donor. What it means to us to be able to give to Kruz and Paizlee, and SOID research is unmeasureable. The Davenport family was chosen for this purpose. Kruz and Paizlee's diagnoses will pave the way to save many lives and we are the lucky ones to be a part of this journey. My son understands the sacrifice Kruz and Paizlee make to offer monumental strides in SIOD research, so when he asked if he could donate to his buddy Kruz too, I made sure he understood that he is giving for a reason. We talk about often what we are donating for. When it comes time for our donation to pull I always ask Lincoln "Link, your donation comes today!! What does that mean?" and he always responds "We're bringing home a cure for Kruz and Paizlee!" We both realize how important our monthly donation is to KFK, I always think to myself "this could pay for a set of labs, or some gloves or masks for the technicians to stay sanitary while studying numbers." It all adds up. Any amount helps, and provides something for this huge price tag, it moves the dial closer to 6 million, and it moves the research closer to a cure. I cannot even fathom the kind of impact this makes for SIOD, in the grand scheme of things, our donations will not only be saving Kruz and Paizlee, but the lives of others in the future. It's truly bigger than all of us. Lincoln loves being able to tell his friends and teachers about KFK, the fact that he gets to be a part of this, he gets to see that his donation means something for someone that he loves and admires, it means the world to him. We wouldn't have it any other way. I know in my heart our paths crossed with Jessica's for this exact reason, and we are beyond proud to be Kruz'n for a Kure monthly donors.