Meagan Copeland

Kruzn for a Kure foundation stuck out to because of Jessica and Kyle’s drive and determination to raise money to help fund research. Research that will  not only help their children, but also others affected by SIOD.


To be able to give not only helps Kruz and Paizlee have a longer life but also helping others to find answers and treatment, instead of just a diagnosis with no hope.

My donation is valuable valuable because it means everything to the Davenports. Because Kruz and Paizlee will one day have a testimony that is unlike any other of all they have overcome as children. They have been through so much and my donation helps to fund the research to give them a better and longer life.

Seeing the thankfulness that pours out of this family for every donation, every shirt sold, every act of kindness. They are always so grateful and that just moves me so much. I know in the grand scheme of things my donations are not that much but they add up to something big and I know they are thankful for every single dollar that is given. Being able to be a part of helping this family means so much to me. I’m thankful to be able to donate monthly and know that every little bit helps this sweet family.

I love everything about Kruz and Paizlee! But most of all their love for each other. Seeing how them comfort each other and the love they show to each other is just the sweetest thing ever. Paizlee and her sassiness and Kruz and his bravery and determination. They both always think of each other and are so selfless when it comes to one another, even as young as they are. Such incredible little super heroes.