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 Meet our SIOD Superheros!

“A hero is an ordinary individual who finds the strength to persevere and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles.” - Christopher Reeve

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Kruz Davenport

Muscle Shoals, Alabama

Kruz Davenport is the dinosaur-loving expert. He loves all things dino, he loves to learn about them and even set up a Jurassic world play area. He’s also into farm and zoo animals. He has the sweetest little voice and will melt your heart into a million pieces. He’s strong and knows he doesn’t live a normal life like other children right now, but he’s hopeful to one day go to school. Kruz Davenport is five years old and is a native of Muscle Shoals, Alabama.

He was diagnosed with SIOD just days before his third birthday.


Paizlee Davenport

Muscle Shoals, Alabama

Paizlee is four years old and loves all things unicorns, mermaids and anything bright and fun! She would love to take gymnastics, dance and maybe even something fun like karate! Paizlee is full of energy and will light up any room with her bubbly personality.

Paizlee was a year and a half old when she was diagnosed with SIOD.

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Jace williams

Jace loved people. He loved to make everyone smile. He had a very bold one of a kind laugh that could make any person smile. He loved school and loved to learn. His hobbies included anything that kept his little fingers busy. Just a few months before he passed away he got to go New Hampshire to meet Jimmie Johnson (NASCAR driver) he loved to watch him!

Leart Dervishaj

Little Ferry, NJ

Leart is 7 years old and loves his PS4 and iPad (shocking!). He is in first grade and is the most caring thoughtful little boy I have ever met. His favorite color changes day to day from blue to green. Everyone that meets him falls in love with him instantly they say he’s like an old soul. He was diagnosed with SIOD when he was 2 years old. We felt relieved when he was diagnosed because for two years we had been searching for answers. We finally had a diagnosis! 

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Angela Meng

Beijing, China

Angela is always full of hope for the future. She isn't aware of herself is different from other kids. She wants to be a make-up artist when she grows up. She likes painting and movement.

Brune Rochon

Le Touquet, France

Brunette loves rabbits more than anything! She loves to dance, and enjoys every moment with the family. She loves the color pink and glitter.

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Boris Trojanovic

Paris, France

He loves to travel, and his favorite color is red. He has unlikely energy, he raises us when we fall morally.

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Emily Koesters

Gretna, Nebraska

Emily's favorite color is pink and rainbow. She's a lover of all things nature, especially animals and the cheetah. She has a deep special bond with Mother Mary and continues to feel blessed despite the many obstacles she faces. Emily is a true warrior princess that loves country music and has the voice of an angel.

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